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About Our Company

At Kuki Steel Reinforcements, we take pride in our work ethic and professionalism. We prioritise quality and safety above all else. In addition, we do not just hire any employee; we only work with those who share our drive in delivering first-class results in everything that we do.

Health and Safety

We take health and safety very seriously and comply with the policies and procedures at all times. Our staff is trained to identify risks and carry out risk assessments to help create a safer working environment for all.

Meet Our Owner

Jesi started his working life as a teenager in the trade over 2 decades ago.

Beginning at the very bottom to gain experience in every area of the industry, his passion, enthusiasm, and hard work led to his promotion as leading hand at the young age of 18 and site foreman/supervisor at 19 years old.

As a leading hand and site foreman, he learnt about client care, quoting, honesty and fairness, effective project management, and the ability to provide cost-effective solutions for his clients. In heading a steel fixing team, he became very experienced and adept at steel reinforcing, managing design changes, and solving unexpected issues.

The years of experience that he gained from his humble beginnings have stood him in very good stead with those in all areas of the construction industry. They have also given him invaluable industry knowledge and understanding with high respect from employers, site personnel, and employees alike.

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